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Be first in line to book your next appointment.

  • Automate Golf Tee Time
  • Tennis Court
  • Gym Class
  • Camping / Hotel Reservation

Requires Standard

Product Search

Want to be first to know when a product is available?

  • Sneakers
  • Games
  • Tickets
  • Phones

Requires Basic

Login Results

Tired of manually logging into a website everyday?

  • Check Status
  • Clock-In
  • Online Raffle
  • Pay Online Bills

Requires Basic

Import Data

Save hours by importing large Excel spreadsheets automatically.

  • Automate Customer Orders
  • Automate Business Logistics
  • Automate Customer Invoices
  • Automate Workflow Operations

Requires Pro

Custom Bot

Have your own Bot idea that you want to build? Use the Custom Bot Template to create a new Bot from the ground up. You can learn more about building your own Bot in our FAQ section.

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Requires Basic

Why use Bot-It?

1. Save Time

Have a busy schedule or find yourself repeating the same task? Bot-It can help you save time by automating those annoying task for you and sending you the results via email or text message.

2. Save Money

Online automation services can be very expensive and requires a costly team of developers to setup. Bot-It saves you money by offering a powerful self-service online automation tool.

3. Simple & Easy

Complex automation is a thing of the past. Bot-It makes automation simple. Get your Bot up and running quickly with our Bot-It builder templates. Just answer a few questions and you will be automating in no time.

4. Secure & Compliant

From standard data encryption and GDPR/HIPPA-compliance capabilities, we implement a wide range of security, and compliance certification options to ensure your data is safe in our cloud based system.

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Our Mission

"Deliver an intuitive and affordable self service automation tool for consumers and businesses to automate manual workflows and guarantee consistent outcomes."

Meet the Bot-It Team

Maurice Bachelor

Founder, CEO

Shawn Morais

Customer Experience

Dmitry Kireev

Server Infrastructure

Lukas Novak

Software Engineer

Maria Gil

Marketing Manager‚Äč

Based in sunny Los Angeles California, The Bot-It team is very passionate about automation and providing a easy to use self-service technology that fits just about everyone needs. From everyday online consumers to large businesses, our goal is to take the stress out of repetitive online tasks.

Need more information about Bot-It? Email or (310) 570-2913