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Never forget another task again! Bot-It is a new service that introduces web automation to everyday people. Bot-It does not require any coding or technical skills to setup. Simply tell your Bot which website you want to start on and which steps to perform on that site. Bot-It is for everyone and can be used to automate an endless amount of possibilities but here are a few suggestions:

  • Automate Golf Tee Time
  • Automate Camping Reservation
  • Automate Tennis Courts
  • Restaurant Reservation
  • Business Workflows

Yes and we have the proof! We have so many success stories here at Bot-It and we want to share them with you. Check out and follow our Bot-It Works Fan Page and see the proof for yourself. From Golf Tee Times, Dinner Reservations, Campsite bookings and much more. Bot-It continues to give consumers and businesses the automation they need.

Great question! This all depends on 2 things: 1. The day of the week you are looking to make a reservation (Tuesday is easier than Saturday prime time for example). 2. Your Bot-It Subscription and our powerful Cancellation Bots.

Your Bot-It Subscription matters. For example, a Bot-It Standard Plus is great on busy sites because it gives your bot extra power when new releases happen in real time. Customers on Bot-It using Standard Plus have a 70% greater chance of booking any busy site because of the additional bot power.

Also with any Bot-It Subscription, you can upgrade any of your bots to a Cancellation Bot. We have a very powerful tool called a Cancellation Bot that will run every few minutes to immediately pick up cancelled reservations for you. This has proven to work 85% of the time on most golf courses. To add a cancellation bot to your account. Click the Manage option on your new bot and click Upgrade. You can then choose which day of the week you would like the bot to automatically reserve for you. Remember, the more days of the week you add the higher chances of successfully booking.

That's right! We are very proud to have successfully presented Bot-It and our powerful technology to the world on Shark Tank Season 15 Episode 3! If you missed our debut, no problem. You can watch the Bot-It team take on the fierce Sharks by clicking here.

In a separate browser tab, open the website where you plan on creating a Bot. Then you will need to go back and forth from the website to Bot-It in order to tell the Bot exactly which actions to perform. It 's that easy!

Bot creating steps

Start creating a Bot by downloading our iOS app from the app store or you can create a Bot via our Web app for Android &Web. Our Web app supports creating Bots with Templates.

Yes, Bot-It has customers all over the world and bots that are hosted all over the world for both businesses and consumers. No matter where you are located, start building your automation Bot today.

Need to book a golf tee time but notice that your favorite tee times are gone in seconds? Let Bot-It help you automate booking your online tee times. To start automating your tee times on your favorite courses, simply follow these steps:

  1. Register a new account on Bot-It
  2. Select a Subscription Plan (Standard or higher required)
  3. Click on the Appointment Template and answer the questions related to booking your tee times.
  4. That 's it!

Yes, Bot-It has a built in feature that allows you to input multiple tee time slots where your Bot will pick the first one available out the list.

Want to buy those rare sneakers but by the time you click add to cart, they are already gone 😡? Bot-It is here so that you are first in line for those hard to purchase sneakers. Bot-It automates all the difficult technical work with sneaker purchases by equipping your purchasing process with very fast, state of the art cloud servers and complex timing purchase algorithms to handle the competitive world of sneaker buying:

  1. Register a new account on Bot-It
  2. Select a Subscription Plan (Standard or higher required)
  3. Click on the Product Search Template and answer the questions related to your sneaker purchase.
  4. Bot-It will take care of the rest!

A template guides you through setting up a Bot. Pick a Template that matches best of what you are trying to automate. You will be asked a series of questions to help configure your Bot to run. This feature is only available on web.

  • Appointment - Be first in line to automate booking your next appointment (Requires Standard Subscription)
  • Product Search - Want to be first to know when a product is available by automating a search? (Requires Basic Subscription)
  • Login Results - Tired of manually logging into a website everyday or forgetting to login to a service? (Requires Basic Subscription)
  • Import Data - Save hours on manually exporting/importing data from a spreadsheet and have Bot-It do it for you. (Requires Pro Subscription)
  • Custom Bot - Have your own Bot idea that you want to build? Use the Custom Bot Template to create a new Bot from the ground up. You can learn more about building your own Bot on our How To Guide Page. (Requires Basic Subscription)

Bot-It has a growing list of supported actions that you can assign when you are setting up your Bot:

A growing list of supported actions that you can assign your Bot
  • Login - Automate typing your username and password and clicking the login button.
  • Type or Search - Automate typing in any field on the page.
  • Click Button - Automatically click any button or checkbox.
  • Select Search Item - Automatically select an item from any search result list.
  • Pick a Date - Automate selecting a date on a calendar
  • Text or Email - Capture a picture of what 's on your Bot 's screen and send via text or email.
  • Drop Down List - Automate selecting an option from a Drop Down List.
  • Credit Card - Automatically add payment information to a website.
  • Spreadsheet Data Import - Automatically export data from any spreadsheet and import it to a website.
  • Try it today!

You can setup your Bot to run once a day or multiple times per day.

Watch an example

Yes! You can send your Bot with any active customer on Bot-It or copy a Share URL to send to non active Bot-It customers. All you need is their email address they signed up with on Bot-It and you will be able to Send your Bot and all the steps with them. NOTE that your personal login information will never be shared with other customers. If your Bot has a Login step, the recipient of the shared Bot will need to provide their own login information. To get started on sharing your Bots, take a look at the following steps:

  1. Login to the Bot-It Web app .
  2. On the My Bots home page, you will see a list of your Bots.
  3. Pick the Bot you would like to Share and click on the Manage button.
  4. In the Manage section you will see an option to Send (share with other Bot-It customers) or Share (get special public URL).
  5. Enter the recipient Bot-It email address (Send option). Please ensure that the recipient has an active Subscription on Bot-It. A send Bot cannot be accepted with an invalid email or inactive Subscription.
  6. Click Send.
Share feature opened menu

Yes! You can run your Bots within a specified time frame during the day. For example, you can setup your Bots to run every 60 minutes only during the hours of 9am - 11pm. Bot-It makes online automation easy for anyone.

Time schedule menu options

Yes the Bot-It team can setup and manage all your Bots for your account. You will have a 1 on 1 consultation with one of our Bot experts to understand the needs of your Bots (Elite subscription required). To get started or learn more please emailed us or call our support team.

When setting up your Bot, you may have steps that require sensitive information to be saved (such as login). Your data is never shared. Also we take additional steps to ensure the protection of your data:

  • Latest Data Encryption Algorithms
  • GDPR Compliance
  • HIPPA Compliance
  • Firewall-control
  • Server Access Control

We support Timezones all across the world on Bot-It. If you do not see your zone listed below, you can contact us directly to request your Timezone to be added:

  • America/Los_Angeles
  • America/New_York
  • America/Chicago
  • America/Denver
  • Asia/Tokyo
  • Asia/Hong_Kong
  • America/Juneau
  • Pacific/Honolulu
  • Europe/London
  • Europe/Rome
  • Australia/Sydney

You can manage your Bots on both our iOS app or Web app.

Need to run the same Bot, but make small adjustments? No problem, Bot-It allows for any of your active Bots to be copied at any time with only a click of a button. This comes in hand when you want to run the same Bot on the same page but need to change minor settings of your Bot to have a different outcome.

  1. Login to the Bot-It Web app .
  2. On the My Bots home page, you will see a list of your Bots.
  3. Pick the Bot you like to Pause or Resume and click on the Manage button.
  4. In the Manage section you will see an option Copy.
  5. Enter the name of your new Bot.
  6. Click duplicate.
The open options menu for manipulating the Bot

In some cases, you may need to prevent your Bots from running during a short or long period of time. As long as you have an active subscription, pausing your Bots is the best way to securely store all of your Bots information, stay synced up with the website and you can Resume your Bots at anytime when ready. Here is how you can Pause &Resume your Bots:

  1. Login to the Bot-It Web app .
  2. On the My Bots home page, you will see a list of your Bots.
  3. Pick the Bot you like to Pause or Resume and click on the Manage button.
  4. In the Manage section you will see an option Pause (Resume will be shown if already paused).
The open options menu for manipulating the Bot

Our goal was set out to make Bot-It an easy and affordable automation service for all. We have 3 different subscription packages to choose from. View the details of each subscription here or click a package below to get started:

Yes! Bot-It can solve all versions of reCAPTCHA with a success rate of 95% accuracy.

After you configured your Bot, the Bot-It Team will need to verify the information you setup. This process should take between 6-12 hours and you will be notified via email when The Bot-It Team has completed the final configuration. If you are using our iOS app, we will send a notification to your phone as well.

We understand that golf may be seasonal for some of our customers on Bot-It. We highly recommend our customers to Pause their Bots until the season comes back (Please see the "How can I Pause my Bots?"in the FAQ section). Pausing your Bot keeps all your golf information in sync with your Tee Time website. If you cancel your account, you will lose all of your data and you would have to go through the entire process of getting your Bots resync. If you have questions on pausing or golf off-season on Bot-It, please email us we will answer all of your questions.

If you are having trouble accessing your account. Please click the login menu item and click forgot password to reset your password for your account.

We first want to clarify, the word Bot comes from Robotic Process Automation which is a form of automating a business or consumer process. Using automated services (bots) to eliminate manual online task has become standard practice for many years, but now here at Bot-It we built a service to offer it to everyday consumers with little to no tech experience required. The online competitive landscape for tee times, product purchases, appointments and simple tasks are growing very quickly and we want you to have a tool you can use. We (Bot-It Inc.) follow the standard policies for robo web crawling. Web crawling receives a negative reputation when it disregards a website 's robots exclusion protocol, attempts to access private data, and performs at a high rate, Bot-It Inc. does NOT partake or condone in any of those actions. We recommend that you follow the online safety precaution that is mention by your local state/law government.

We will continue to add new features to the Bot-It system but please review the items we currently do not support.

  • Sites that may be involved with directly or indirectly with criminal activity
  • Use Bot-It automation technology to abuse any website (all new bots are reviewed before going live)
  • Non US/Canada phone numbers for SMS results step (please use email results)
  • Insecure sites (Sites that don 't begin with 'https ')
  • Sites that are not publicly accessible on a server (please contact us for private support)

Yes after a successful run, you can configure your Bot to automatically send you a text message or email of the results. The results will simply be a image of the screen the Bot is currently on. If you are booking appointments on Bot-It and your Bot did not come across any availability that you desired, your Bot will notify you via email that "No Results "were found.

This will happen from time to time. The website may have updated it 's design or moved. No worries, The Bot-It Team will immediately be notified about all failed Bots. You do not need to take any action.

You can cancel your subscription anytime by clicking the My Account >Subscription menu in our web app.

You will be charged monthly for the Basic and Standard subscription packages. You will be charged annually for the Pro subscription package.

Bot-It is not responsible for any incorrect booked appointments and does not offer any refunds related to any bookings. We recommend that you contact the vendor for any payment disputes. Please read our privacy policy for more information.


Refunds will not be permitted at any time after the use of an automation process (bot) is executed and/or run in the Bot-It system. After a one time use of running an automation process (bot), customers will relinquish all rights to request for a refund. You can read more in section 3 of our company Terms.


Your feedback is very important to us and we want to hear it. All feedback and feature request can be emailed to us or shared with us on any of our social media platforms:

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